Japanese retailer Kawaii clothing company introduces rainbow clothing

Kawaii Clothing is introducing rainbow clothing in Japan. The company is selling rainbow clothing to its customers, and has also announced a partnership with a Japanese company to produce and distribute rainbow-colored clothing. According to the Japanese outlet, Kawaii is aiming to produce 100 million of the clothes a year by the end of 2020. It will launch […]

Why You Should Wear a Black Lingerie Shirt in Summer

You should wear a black lingerie shirt in summer to keep your skin moist and cool.Thats because youre more likely to get colds, heat and heat stroke.So you should wear one in summer, right?Wrong.Black lingerie has a very different texture and feel than other styles, making it harder to keep it on.This is one reason […]

‘It’s not a fashion show’: A rainbow clothing store in New Jersey celebrates the season’s hottest trends

The season is about to get a whole lot hotter.The hottest trends, fashion and trends in New York City are set to explode as spring comes to a close and the summer heats up.In fact, the fashion world is starting to take notice.New York Fashion Week kicks off on May 21st, and the season is […]