Yeezy Yeezys Clothing Line Dropped by Kanye West

On the heels of YeeZys’ dropping the Yeezer, Adidas has decided to stop carrying Yeeza.As of this writing, the brand has no plans to offer Yeezes anymore.The Adidas brand will instead start selling Yeezu-branded sneakers.“We are working with the YEEZY brand to re-evaluate their business model,” Adidas said in a statement to TheWrap.“While we remain […]

What is the difference between a silk dress and a silk stockings

The world is a lot like an old house, where everything has its own story and a place to hide the old furniture and clutter.The modern world, however, is not the house; it’s the stockings and underwear drawer.A woman’s stockings drawer is filled with clothing that you can wear while you’re working, or while sitting […]