How to find the perfect fashion brand

The fashion world is obsessed with the size of a brand’s brand logo.But as a fashion designer, it’s important to remember that all brands have unique branding designs that can’t be copied.That’s why a brand designer needs to keep an eye on the size, shape and placement of the logo in order to avoid getting […]

How to wear a t-shirt to work without worrying about it getting caught on your shirt

By default, most clothes are made of cotton or linen.You can get rid of that by using a cotton or silk t-shirts.Cotton and silk tshirts are a great way to wear without worry about catching on your clothes, and they can be made from almost any material, from cotton or wool, to nylon, to rayon.T-shirts […]

When the brand Hollister is in the news, the baby clothing company is the company you should know

HALLMARK — The baby clothing brand HLL is the top brand in the US for organic baby apparel, according to an online report.The report, which was published by the Brandwatch blog, analyzed data from the HLL Organic Baby Apparel survey conducted by Nielsen in September.The survey asked consumers to name their top three baby clothes […]