Why don’t kids like summer clothes?

When it comes to clothes for kids, there are a number of issues to consider.While there is no doubt that the Summer Collection is one of the best, there is also no doubt the majority of parents don’t know what to wear for their children, and this can be especially frustrating for parents of younger […]

Parents give money to clothing store for newborns

Parents in Australia are giving money to a clothing store to help them raise their children.The Sydney-based children’s clothing store, Kids in the Closet, has been donating to the charity Kids in Need Australia for several years, but its parent company, the Coles Foundation, decided to give it another boost.“The Coles family are very supportive […]

How to get your favourite fashion accessories right from your iPhone

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How to survive winter in the US

For many Americans, winter is the only time of year when they can’t afford to go outside.But as temperatures plummet and millions flee the country, some of the country’s wealthiest families are already planning to move, to the country that is going to make the difference between their children living in their homes and the […]