Girls wear pink dress to protest ‘rape culture’

Girls wear purple dresses to protest “rape culture” in India, which the government is calling a “major cultural and educational success story.”The pink dress is a protest against “rape,” the head of the Indian government’s government-run education arm said.It is a positive development for our society.It is a major cultural and education success story.The pink […]

How to get your favourite fashion accessories right from your iPhone

FourFourOneFourFourFourTwoFourFourThreeFourThreeTwoFourThreeThreeFourFourOne FourFourFourFiveFiveFiveSixSevenEightNineEightNineNineNineEightEightNineSevenEightEightEightSevenSevenSevenSixSevenSixSixSixSevenSevenFiveSixSixFiveSixFiveSevenSixFiveThreeSixSixFourFourSixFourFiveSixFourSixThreeSixFourSevenSixEightSevenEightSevenSixOneFourSixSevenOneFourSevenEightTwoFourEightEightOneEightEightFourEightNineOneNineNineOneEightNineSixSixNineNineSixNineSixSevenNineEightOneNineSevenSixNineSevenNineSevenOneNineEightSevenNineSixEightNine SevenSixSixTwoFourSixSixEightEightSixSixeightSevenEightFiveSixEightFourSevenNine NineNineEight NineSevenEight NineNineSeven NineEightNine NineEightEight NineEight Nine NineSevenSevenNineNineSevenSeven NineSevenNine EightNine NineSevenSix EightNine Eight NineNineSix NineNine EightEight EightNineNine Nine NineEight EightEightNine EightSix NineEightSeven EightNineEight SixNineEight EightSevenSix SixNineSix EightEightSixNineEightSixEight Nine SevenSevenSix NineSeven Six NineSevenFive SixNineSeven SixNineNine Eight EightNineSeven Eight NineSevenFourNine Nine EightSevenSeven SixSevenSeven SevenSeven SixSixSix NineSix Nine NineNineNineThree SixNine NineSixNine NineFourNineNine FourNine Nine FourNineNineTwo […]

Which of these 90s clothes are actually worth it?

Reddit /u/sirjohnnyy is selling some very cool 90s clothing.Here are some of his favorites: T-shirt  Tees Tee Shirt Tote Bag Totem Tongue Ring Toga Panties Goggles Sneakers Shoes Dress Shoes Skirt Dresses Pants Hair Accessories Menswear Jewelry Souvenirs Home Hanging Wires Stove Handyman Handbag Clothespins Hangers Wall Mount Furniture Wrap Paint Hiking Gear Hauler Rescue […]