The 10 most expensive clothes in India

A report has shown that the cheapest clothing in India has almost doubled in price in just four years.

The study by India’s National Council for Fair Trade and Sustainable Industries (NCFSSI) says the average price of a pair of jeans has gone up by 5.6 per cent over the last four years, from Rs 5,300 in 2013 to Rs 7,400 in 2017.

The cost of a suit of pants has gone down by 4.7 per cent, but the cheapest one is up by 6.7 percent.

The cheapest trousers in India are up by a whopping 6.9 per cent.

The biggest price increase has been in jackets, up from Rs 3,700 to Rs 4,100.

The NCFSSi says the study is not an analysis of a single brand or the prices of goods, but a comparison of prices across brands across different segments.

The report has been prepared by the NCF SSI under the chairmanship of Gopakumar Jain.