Yoga clothes line opens in NYC; girls clothes line launches

New York City is offering its first yoga clothing line to girls.

The line, titled Girls’ Clothing, is launching Friday and will launch across multiple stores.

The New York Times first reported the new line.

“We think this is going to be the first line of women’s clothing to appeal to girls in an era where we have an incredibly competitive marketplace, so we wanted to create something that would be something that we could really take advantage of,” said co-founder and chief executive of New York-based brand Yoga Brands, Krista Henn.

The line, which will include yoga pants, underwear, shoes and other products, will be available at the New York and New Jersey stores and online.

The company said that the line is expected to launch in March 2018.

“We think it will be a huge success and will hopefully make it easier for girls to embrace yoga,” Henn said.

Yoga Brands started in 2014 as a women’s boutique and now it is expanding into women’s fashion and fashion accessories.

The brand has been in business for five years and plans to expand to more stores and a network of stores.