Why men wear the same clothes as women

There are more than 100 million men in the world, and most of them are wearing the same clothing.

And while there’s a lot to be said for the way they look and the way that they interact, it’s not always the case that men and women share the same wardrobe.

But there’s no denying that they share a common goal.

The two biggest reasons for men to wear the exact same clothing as women is that they’re used to it.

“It’s something that men have been taught to do for hundreds of years,” says Dr. Stephen Jones, an associate professor of social work at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Public Health.

“The idea that we have to be the same size, that we’re going to be like the same height, that’s what’s in the culture.”

When men don’t know what size they are, the clothing becomes an extension of their ego.

That means that the way men wear clothes affects their physical appearance and, as a result, they can’t be as confident with their appearance as women.

“Men are conditioned to be physically aggressive, and it’s because of that conditioning that they wear the wrong size,” Jones says.

In other words, the clothes men wear in order to appear feminine can be considered masculine, which is why some men wear suits. “

So when we wear the clothes that are culturally assigned to women, it creates a double standard,” he adds.

In other words, the clothes men wear in order to appear feminine can be considered masculine, which is why some men wear suits.

“In order to be successful in the workplace, women must be able to wear a suit,” Jones explains.

“And if you’re a man who wants to get into the corporate world, or if you want to be a professional athlete, you’ve got to wear suit and tie.”

If women want to wear something else, they’ll have to figure out a way to make their own clothing that fits their body better.

“If women are going to wear suits, they’re going the traditional route, and we need to make sure that women who are looking for something different don’t have to go that route,” Jones adds.

But not everyone has the same needs.

“Some women have a need for a different kind of suit,” he says.

The problem is that the majority of men who wear suits are working professionals.

The clothing they wear is a result of the culture.

“You’re not going to find a group of men out there who are walking around in suits,” Jones admits.

“They are more likely to be in suits because it’s an everyday thing for them.”

And because men tend to work in jobs where they have to wear clothes that fit, it makes sense that they’d want to try to change that by finding something more feminine.

“When men do work in the corporate environment, they tend to be more likely than women to wear tie,” Jones tells News 4.

“There’s a reason that women tend to wear ties in office settings, and men tend not to wear them, because women are supposed to be responsible for their own appearance.”

The best solution for men is to change the way you dress, Jones says, by finding a style that works for you.

“I’ve seen a lot of men go from wearing jeans to going with a button-down, to a button up shirt, and I’ve seen men change their styles because they wanted to try something different, something that fits them,” he explains.

For women, the solution is a different one.

“A lot of women, when they’re trying to make a decision, they look at their clothes and they think, ‘I like this one.

I like this color.

I don’t like this pattern.’

They’re looking for that kind of fit that will suit them, and the more you change the look of your clothing, the more it’ll fit you,” Jones concludes.

Jones recommends that men make sure they take the time to make an appointment with a wardrobe consultant, so that he can get the right fit for them.

“Because if a man doesn’t get a fit, then they’ll be wearing what they want to,” Jones suggests.

“For women, you’re going through the process of trying on different pieces, and you have to make choices on the basis of your body type and the look you want,” he continues.

“Just because you wear a jacket doesn’t mean that you have the right suit, or a dress that fits you,” he advises. “

But you need to take the steps that are needed to make your wardrobe look the way it’s supposed to look,” Jones recommends.

“Just because you wear a jacket doesn’t mean that you have the right suit, or a dress that fits you,” he advises.

And it’s that process that can be really confusing for men who want to feel confident in their appearance.

But for women, changing their wardrobe can be just


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