Which new trends are you most excited about in 2018?

With summer officially upon us, we’ve got a slew of cool new trends to get excited about this year.

We’re not sure which of these trends will stick around for long, but here are a few we’d like to see trending for the coming year.

Trends we’re most excited to see in 20181.

Fashion accessoriesThe first of these new accessories to come out of the designer’s new office will be a smartwatch.

Called the “smartwatch for the everyday,” it’ll offer smart notifications, reminders, and reminders for everyday tasks like reading, checking emails, or taking calls.

While the company hasn’t announced an official release date yet, the smartwatch has already received a few positive reviews from the fashion community, with many people praising its design and design-focused features.

The watch’s smartwatch-like design could also help the company stay afloat during the recession and help it survive the economic downturn.2.

LuggageThe bags of the future will be getting their own smartwatch in 2018, with a new line of smart bags set to debut in 2018.

The “smartbag” will include a smart watch face that displays a personalized message from the owner and allows users to keep tabs on the items they’re carrying, as well as their daily carryout.3.

Bags for the officeWith the growing popularity of smartwatches in 2018 as the wearables industry continues to evolve, we’re excited to hear that more and more companies are looking to take advantage of the technology and bring smartbags to the office.

The new smartbag will be designed to fit comfortably in your pocket, and it’ll allow users to store items in their bags in a variety of ways, from storing credit cards and wallets to checking e-mails and sending photos.4.

Smart phone chargersThe tech industry continues its transition towards the mobile device as the dominant form of entertainment for most people.

The smartphone has been gaining popularity, with sales of smartphones and tablets growing at a rate of nearly 70 percent annually.

It’s no surprise that the technology giant is looking to add its voice to the smartbattery revolution.

As the technology becomes more pervasive, the company will continue to develop and market smartbatteries, with the smartphone charger being just the latest in a line of products designed specifically for the workplace.5.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 PlusThe iPhone 7 is set to arrive in 2018 and Apple has already released specs for its newest model.

The phone’s processor is upgraded to a 12nm manufacturing process, and the company says it has the ability to make its next-generation iPhone 7 more powerful.

Apple says that the new iPhone 7 will be able to offer “up to 3,000 hours of battery life,” which is similar to the iPhone 7.

The company has also made the iPhone battery even more powerful with the inclusion of an Advanced Power Saving mode, which is designed to cut down on power consumption in order to increase battery life.6.

Smartphone casesThe smartwatch industry has seen a rapid increase in popularity in recent years, and we’re hoping that the smartphones of 2018 will continue this trend.

Smartwatch cases have always been popular in the fashion world, and while they don’t necessarily have the same design appeal as other tech gadgets, they can be very useful when you need to get things done on the go.

These cases will also help consumers to maintain their current gear, and they’ll allow the device to continue working while you’re away from home.7.

Smart glassesWe’ve been waiting for an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6S Plus to arrive for some time, and now we finally have a chance to get our hands on one of these smartglasses.

The rumored Apple Watch Series 2 is set for release sometime in 2019, and there’s been some speculation that it could be called the “iPhone 7 Series 2.”

We’ve also seen rumors that the next generation of iPhones will come with a camera built into them.

While it’s still unclear when the rumored device will be released, it’s likely that Apple will release a device similar to this one in 2019.8.

Smart watchesThe new smartwatch trend that’s been popping up over the past few years is the idea of “smartwatches.”

The idea is that a smart device will monitor your everyday activities and allow you to automatically adjust your activity levels, even when you’re not wearing your smartwatch, to make sure you’re still at your optimal level.

In addition, smartwars are a new trend that is often used by fashion bloggers to promote their latest fashion styles.9.

Wearables that can be used on the moveWhile most of the tech industry is moving towards smartwares and wearable technology, we can’t forget about the wearable devices that can also be worn on the run.

These include a variety for running and cycling, including treadmills, treadmats, treadbands, and even a treadmill. We


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