Parents give money to clothing store for newborns

Parents in Australia are giving money to a clothing store to help them raise their children.

The Sydney-based children’s clothing store, Kids in the Closet, has been donating to the charity Kids in Need Australia for several years, but its parent company, the Coles Foundation, decided to give it another boost.

“The Coles family are very supportive and the kids’ foundation has been so generous to the store,” said the founder of Kids in need, Katie Brown.

“We’re really grateful to them for that.”

They’re very generous, so the children’s foundation has also been a big supporter, and we’ve had to do a bit of a fundraiser ourselves to get them on board.

“The store is run by former Coles employee, Rachel Williams, who was diagnosed with cancer in March.

Her cancer treatment has meant she has had to take up a job caring for her daughter, Emily, and her partner, Nathan, aged 11.

They’ve been raising Emily in their spare time since June, when she was diagnosed.

“It’s been a lot of people giving a lot and we have a few hundred kids in our store, so it’s been overwhelming.””

I think the response has been incredible,” she said.

“It’s been a lot of people giving a lot and we have a few hundred kids in our store, so it’s been overwhelming.”

There’s a lot more awareness than we ever thought possible.

She said the children will be given extra support. “

This is a really important step for us to get on the road to recovery, to get Emily on her own and to make sure that she has a good life and a good future,” Ms Brown said.

She said the children will be given extra support.

“Emily’s cancer is terminal, but we know that we have to be realistic,” she explained.

“She will be a lot less active and not able to go out.

So we will be making sure that we’re giving her some help, and making sure she has some support from the Cols family.”

She said that Emily and Nathan had been told they could leave the store with the store’s staff.

“They’re going to go to the cleaners and we’ll have to do what we can to get those kids back home,” Ms Williams explained.

A Coles spokesperson said the Coled Foundation was not the donor’s “organiser”.

“The Foundation supports charities in Australia and around the world and it supports the Coleduans children in need through its various charitable initiatives,” they said.

The charity said it was working closely with the Colesi family to support the children, who are currently staying with their grandparents in the community.

Ms Brown has decided to donate the money she makes from the clothing shop to the Kids in Childrens Need Australia, which is also looking to raise money for the children of people with cancer.

“As a parent I can’t imagine living without a family, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be a parent without a child,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“So, I’ll be doing all I can to help these children.”

I know that I’ll never have a full time job and that I’m never going to be able get Emily back to school, so this is just a really big gesture from the store.

“Ms Brown and Ms Williams were able to make the decision to give the money to Kids in Needs Australia last year.

There are a lot people who are struggling with the same thing,” Ms Browne said.


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