New clothes online sales boost sales of baby clothes

NEW YORK — New online clothing sales boosted sales of new baby clothes for the first time in a year on Friday as baby sales surged during the winter months.

New online sales of clothes rose more than 5 percent to a seasonally adjusted $4.7 billion, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Baby sales rose 1.3 percent, as sales of clothing for girls, babies and toddlers surged.

The report added that sales for all types of apparel increased in February, which is when retailers typically release the results of the second quarter.

The WSJ said the data showed Baby Boomers’ spending habits may be changing.

The baby-focused trends have helped retailers sell more items, including new baby sweaters and baby blankets, to Baby Boomer moms.

But Baby Booms are also buying more clothing, and it may be hurting sales, according the WSJ report.

It is unclear if the Baby Boom baby boom is causing the increased Baby Booming Baby shopping, the WSZ report said.

However, sales of Baby Boomba-approved baby clothes fell by 1.7 percent in February compared to a year ago, and the WSJB said that sales of infant apparel fell 3.9 percent, while sales of underwear dipped 3.6 percent.