Man is arrested after selling ‘hot’ underwear, clothes online

A man is facing charges after he allegedly sold a number of “hot” underwear online and then left a note asking people to donate money to a charity.

Key points:A man allegedly sold the underwear online in the early hours of Monday morning and left a letter asking for donationsSource: Queensland PoliceThree men have been arrested over the incidentThe 34-year-old man was arrested after police said he contacted them and asked them to send an anonymous tip.

Police were alerted to the alleged sale on a mobile phone while at the Salvation Army office in Wollongong on Sunday afternoon.

They say the man contacted the Salvation Centre to report he was going to sell the items online, but was later found to be in possession of a quantity of the clothing.

“He told us that he had bought the items on the internet and left an anonymous note asking for a donation to a fundraising charity,” Inspector Brian Murphy said.

“The letter also mentioned a number to call.”

Police were able to identify the man after he was seen driving the items around the city.

Police said the investigation into the alleged sales was ongoing.

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