I was a woman in ’80s ’80′s fashion! Exclusive interview with ‘The Cosby Show’ star Liza Minnelli – VIDEO

I was in ’81-’82.

I was 18 years old.

And I wore a dress and I had a bra and I was just a normal girl.

I had no clue what was going on.

The first time I saw Cosby, I was like, ‘Oh, this guy’s going to shock the world.’

It was a shocker, but it was also very beautiful and very exciting.

I knew he was a legend.

I mean, he was just an ordinary guy.

I don’t know if that was the first time someone had ever seen him.

And the second time I did, I saw the movie, and it was like a total revelation.

So, for a long time, I knew that was him, and I always loved that he could do that.

I remember it was so surreal.

He was just so unique.

He had such a gift.

He could talk to you, he could make you feel good, he loved you, and he was the best person ever.

That was what I was.

He’s such a good guy, and that’s the thing about him.

He just loved people and loved people like me.

So it was kind of surreal and amazing.

The other thing that was amazing about that was that when I was filming that, it was my first big movie.

I’m not sure if I’m exaggerating, but I was the youngest actor ever to play a young person on a major movie.

So I had been on my own.

So for me, it really was a blessing.

I love it.

And then I just got married and started having kids.

So when that came, that was really, really exciting, too.

I got married, got married again, and then got pregnant.

And it was very surreal.

That’s the first baby I ever had.

I didn’t have any idea that that was going to be so special.

It’s the perfect combination of my career, the things that I’ve done, and my faith.

It really is, in my mind, a miracle.

So my career really was the perfect place for me to grow.

And that was, for me and my wife, the perfect marriage.

I never thought I was going into politics, but this was the right place for us to go.

It was really fun.

I felt like I was getting to do my own thing.

I just had a lot of fun.

And we had so much fun.

We went to so many different places together.

And when you have that, you kind of know that your life’s really going to end.

But it’s not.

It just kind of unfolds.

That made me realize that I’m lucky.

That, in the end, I’m blessed.

And as long as we do this, we’ll always be blessed.


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