What you need to know about the Yeezy line

In the summer of 2016, the fashion world was in shock.

The Kanye West-inspired Yeezys and Jordans had just launched, with a $1,000 price tag.

The Yeeys and the Nike Air Yeezer had just become a staple of the fashion and lifestyle scene, a symbol of the new hipness and power of hip hop.

The brand’s popularity, however, didn’t stop there.

Over the years, Yeezes had become the subject of endless parody and controversy, most famously with the Yeezys parody album The Life of Pablo.

The rapper was accused of plagiarizing the Yees and, at one point, of plagiarism, too.

The controversy led to Kanye and Kanye West to separate, with the latter announcing that he would no longer collaborate with Kanye.

“If YeeZys had a different brand, I don’t think I would be in this position right now,” Kanye West told Rolling Stone at the time.

“The Yeezus have been a great part of my career and, like I said, they have been the reason I have been able to be who I am today.”

In the aftermath of The Life Of Pablo, Kanye West went on to become one of the most successful and influential artists in the world.

As a result of the YEEZYS, a new generation of young designers are finding their way into the fashion industry.

While some have focused on crafting iconic designs, other designers have embraced the concept of casual wear, which often involves wearing clothes with minimal accessories and accessories that fit in the pockets of the shirt or shorts.

These casual wear designers have gained a following among the young people, who are starting to discover the style of Yeeza’s work and its relevance to the modern fashion industry, and this trend is being pushed by brands like Yeezi.

The trend is not limited to the hip-hop world, as many designers are experimenting with casual wear with denim and other clothing that is more contemporary.

There is also a fashion world that embraces the casual wear trend, with designers using it to create a style that is still more hip and contemporary.

“There are so many young designers out there,” said Yee, referring to the casual style, which is a trend that is being embraced by designers.

“They have all these influences from different genres and different times.”

The designers interviewed for this article have an interest in making the most of what they have learned in their years of studying and living in New York City.

Yee also said that he believes that his design is a reflection of the New York lifestyle and a product that he was able to develop through his time in the city.

“I’m a product of New York.

I was born and raised in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

It was my hometown,” he said.

“So I think it was the same for me growing up, and that’s where I was raised, and it was also where I learned my craft.”

For his part, Yeezzy says he is proud of his work.

“It is my responsibility to show the world what I know.

And that is that I’m a designer, I’m an artist.

I’m proud of that,” he added.