What the ‘gutless’ gym should look like

There are a lot of choices for how you dress up for your gym workout, from gym pants and gym t-shirts to workout boots and sweatpants.

But some of these choices might be a little out of your comfort zone.

Here’s a list of the gym clothes you might want to consider donating, based on your fitness goals.1.

Gym shortsThis is a good place to start.

There are several styles to choose from, from the basic black t-shirt, to the more expensive, but more stylish, white gym shorts.

If you’re a casual gym rat, you might find these options to be a good fit.

But if you’re into the more sophisticated style, you could also consider a black gym shirt with a blue stripe.2.

Gym socksThis is another good choice for casual gym rats.

If your gym has a gym-style workout, you’ll probably want to pick up some cheap, cotton-like gym socks.

These are great for casual workouts, as they’re comfortable and easy to wash.3.

Gym sandalsThese sandals can also be a nice choice for those who want to get out of the house and get into the gym for some fun.

They’re made of durable materials, and they won’t fade if they’re wet.4.

Gym sneakersThis is the gym shoe of choice for gym rats, but they’re a little pricier.

Nike sneakers are also available for those looking for a bit more comfort and durability.5.

Gym flip-flopsThe flip-top workout shorts are a great option for gym rat lovers.

They are made of high-tech materials and are a bit pricey, but you might still find them a good choice if you need some comfort while out at the gym.6.

Gym t-shortsThese t-strap gym shorts are also a good option for those seeking a bit of casual fitness.

They’ll probably last you through your workout, and are comfortable enough to wear for a while.7.

Gym shoesThese are the shoes of choice if your gym doesn’t have any gym-specific workouts.

You can get these cheap and athletic, or you can spend more to get some really nice gym shoes.8.

Gym pantsThe gym pants are the gym workout shorts, and you’ll want to choose a good pair.

They have a high-quality material that’ll keep your feet warm, and will also help you avoid cuts and bruises.9.

Gym T-shirtsThese are a very nice choice if the gym is really, really busy.

You might also want to make sure to wear these during your workout to keep your muscles warm.10.

Gym sweatshirtsThese are great to wear during your gym workouts, or even if you just need some extra cushion.

They can also give your gym a more professional look.