The best summer clothes for 2018

By Football Italian staff The best winter clothing for 2018 is here!

The new year is upon us, and while winter is often considered the time of year when the best outfits are made, this season there are a few new additions to the list.

With the season just about over a week away, we asked a few of our favourite brands to share their best summer wardrobe, as well as the best winter clothes for next season. 

#1: The new Spring collection The spring collection is back and we have to admit, the Spring collection looks very much like the old Spring collection.

The colours, styles and fabrics are all the same, and the only change is the colour scheme. 

The Spring collection is designed to complement the new Spring season, and is a bold departure from the traditional ‘summer’ style. 

I think it looks like a modern interpretation of the Spring style, and if it works well for your skin it will be just as comfortable in winter as it is in summer. 

For the Spring range, you’ll be looking for jackets, trousers and shorts. 

In terms of jackets, the latest collection has been released in the Spring colours of black, red and blue. 

A pair of grey wool trousers is also available in the new colours of navy and grey. 

You can also check out a white button-down shirt in a grey colour. 

While these jackets are certainly more casual, they can also be worn with jeans and a suit. 

 #2: The Autumn collection There are two different Autumn collections, one with wool trousers and one with cotton trousers. 

These new styles are very versatile, and they come with a range of colours to choose from. 

Black is a classic colour, while white has been replaced with a new colour, which is red. 

If you’re looking for a winter suit, a cotton top and trousers are the only choices. 

It’s hard to say if this is the perfect winter collection for you, but if it is, you’re in luck because we’re offering a 30% discount off a pair of cotton trousers, or you can even go as low as 25% off your entire Spring collection and save. 

There is also a new cotton sweater available in both wool and cotton, and a new denim sweater. 

This is a great winter choice for anyone looking for something that will keep you warm, and for those looking for more casual outfits, this is one of the best choices to wear in winter. 

To see more of the Autumn collection, head over to Instagram  and hashtag #summerfashions.


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