Why are baby clothes so expensive?

Baby clothes are expensive, according to new research.

A study from Australian financial consulting firm Carters Baby Clothing and Furniture found that the average price of a baby dress and bra was $1,300 and $2,500, respectively.

While these figures are pretty modest for a baby clothing brand, they still represent a steep increase from last year.

In 2016, Carters found that prices for baby clothes rose by around 10 per cent annually, according the study.

That is, the average cost of a newborn dress was $1290, or $1.5,200, in 2016.

But in 2017, that figure has risen by around 15 per cent, and prices for the same baby clothes were up by around 18 per cent.

The increase is partly due to a drop in sales.

“Baby clothing is trending towards a low price, which is encouraging, but also is a reflection of a significant increase in the demand for baby products,” Carters CEO, Sarah Koy, said in a statement.

This is not the first time baby clothes have been on the rise.

Earlier this year, research firm Consumer Reports found that baby clothing sales increased by 6.5 per cent in 2016, with many retailers including Zara, Calvin Klein and JCPenney all seeing sales increase.

And in 2018, the annual Baby-Stinger study found that sales of newborn clothes in Australia rose by 17 per cent from 2016 to 2017, with Baby-Shocker finding that the increase was largely due to women choosing to wear maternity wear instead of their regular baby clothes.

So while prices have gone up in recent years, baby clothes are still cheaper than they were a decade ago.

A new survey from research firm KPMG found that women are spending more time with their babies, with the average mother spending between seven and 11 hours a week with her baby, up from just two hours in 2015.

Baby-Friendly Clothing and Baby Accessories are the new trend, too.

KPMG surveyed over 1,000 parents across the country and found that they have spent an average of $838 on baby-friendly clothing and accessories since 2018, with some parents paying as much as $15,000 for these items.

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