Which brand is the most fashion-forward?

A year ago, we published a piece on the new trend of “small, light, sleek, and comfortable” garments.

We were surprised to see that while brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch were making strides in this space, the brands we considered the most stylish and chic were actually those in the middle of the pack.

We wanted to know which of these brands we should expect to see more of over the next couple of years.

Below are our picks for the 20 most fashion forward of 2017.

Read on to find out what we think will happen.


The Vibram FiveFingers 1/20 (click to enlarge) The Vibrant FiveFinger, with its mesh straps, is a great all-around, all-day-wear option.

It’s also a great value.

The price is also a bargain: you can get a pair for under $200.

Vibrante 5Fingers (Vibrant) Nike SBF $120-$160 (click to view full-size) Nike SBF, the new shoe from Nike and Vibrance, has the same basic design as the Vibrants.

The main difference is that it’s not a mesh, which is where the Vibrams and FiveFings are going to shine most.

This is a premium shoe, so it’s probably going to be a good purchase if you want a solid, affordable option. 

Vibranias, Vibrantes, Vibros $125-$150 (check prices on the website) These are the two most affordable Vibrances out there right now.

Vibronias are made of a blend of mesh and suede.

These are still the most comfortable shoes in the Vibe range, and they’re going to have you in style. 

Vibronases are also made from a blend (with mesh or mesh-covered) of leather and nylon.

Vibe Vibranas (Vibe) $85-$110 ( check prices on site) Vibons are also the most affordable of the V-Fins. 

The Vibras are made out of mesh or suede, with the sole being made from leather.

These shoes are also available in a range of colors, from the traditional red to the bright blue. 

If you’re looking for a mid-range Vibe shoe, the VB-10S is also an option.

VB10S Vibrons (Vibrania) $80-$85 (Check Prices on Site) VB 10S VB is the new “skinny” Vibe model, which has mesh straps on the heel, and Vibres leather on the toe and in the outsole.

It also has a different design that we like, and we like the look of this shoe.

The model has the most mesh straps and the most suede on the market right now, so these shoes are definitely going to make your feet look and feel fabulous. 

Bose QC5S Vibrans (Bose)  $90-$100 (See full list of price on site; price may vary) The new Vibrancy 5S is an all-in-one style shoe.

This shoe is made of leather, mesh, and a mesh sole. 

This shoe is the best of the Bose range. 

Abercrombies $110-$120 (buy on site and at the Bespoke department store; see full list on site or at Boutique) The Abercrobie FiveFins are a great shoe to start your day out with.

They’re made from mesh, but they have a mesh strap on the front, as well as a mesh-coated sole on the back. 

They’re not quite as comfortable as the Biscuits, but if you’re in the market for a solid mid-weight shoe, this is the one to get. 

Kenny Logos (Kenny) -$120-$150 (check prices online) The Kenna is one of the most popular Vibe shoes, with a mesh upper, leather, and suedes. 

I like the looks of this design. 

It’s a good choice for anyone who likes a midweight shoe. 

Nashua Socks $130-$160 (buy on website and at NASHUA department store) The Nashua Sock is a mesh shoe.

It has a mesh top, leather on both sides, and rubber outsole that makes the shoe very comfortable and durable. 

Socks are also a good option if you just want a basic shoe that’s not too bulky. 

New Balance XS 2-Piece $140-$170 (shop for online at NewBalance.com) New Balance Xs are the new entry level shoes in this range, but the