‘My baby boy was born naked’: Woman charged after child born naked

The father of a baby boy born naked in a Texas hospital said he’s “absolutely disgusted” after the child was identified as the one who was left for dead in the hospital.

The father of the 5-week-old boy, whom he identified as Joshua, says he has been “absolutely horrified” by the case.

Joshua was born with a severe head injury that required surgery.

“I’ve been absolutely disgusted,” he told Fox 5 News.

“It’s the worst thing you can imagine.”

He said the boy was in critical condition and “absolutely dehydrated.”

He’s currently being cared for by a family member in the Houston area, and said his parents would be returning to the hospital on Tuesday.

The incident occurred Tuesday in a hospital in Waco, Texas.

Authorities have not yet determined what caused the baby to be born without a head.

The baby was brought to the University of Texas Medical Branch, which runs the Children’s Hospital of Waco.