‘It’s not a fashion show’: A rainbow clothing store in New Jersey celebrates the season’s hottest trends

The season is about to get a whole lot hotter.

The hottest trends, fashion and trends in New York City are set to explode as spring comes to a close and the summer heats up.

In fact, the fashion world is starting to take notice.

New York Fashion Week kicks off on May 21st, and the season is expected to get off to a wild start. 

In New York, the hottest trend on the calendar is definitely not clothing.

The city is still recovering from the devastating Superstorm Sandy, but the weather will be just fine for spring.

There’s no sign of any major blizzards or any major disasters. 

For some fashionistas, though, the season could be a bit too hot for their taste. 

“It’s really hard to get away from the heat in New Yorks, so it’s hard to find something that’s more casual than a dress,” said Alexandra Burt, a designer who has been producing the style of casual dress for the past few years. 

She was thrilled to be invited to show off her designs at the first ever New York NYFW event this weekend.

Burt said she’s always worn dresses in New Yorker culture, and she was excited to be part of it again.

“I always wanted to do something different for NYFW, because it’s so different from what I’m used to,” she said. 

Burt is an associate producer for The New York Magazine, and has been a fashion stylist in New Yorkers kitchens for the last three years.

She’s been featured in the magazine’s fashion shows and was recently featured in an upcoming video series called “Designing the Perfect New York Dress,” where she describes how she designs dresses to reflect the unique personalities of people who live and work in the city. 

New York Fashion Weeks has become one of the biggest fashion events of the year, and Burt is excited for the event’s new vibe.

“I’m really excited about the trend and the fashion that’s coming out,” she told The Washington Times.

“This is a really exciting time for us to be at the forefront of, and it’s great to be in the spotlight.” 

“I love New York,” she continued.

“It’s the city I love, and I’ve been here since I was five years old.

I’m very proud of it.” 

It’s unclear what Burt will wear for her NYFW debut, but she is definitely wearing a lot of sparkly clothing.

Buret’s designs have been featured on The New Yorker’s Fashion Week website, and are also available on Etsy. 

Here are some other fashion trends to look forward to: Pairing a black dress with a red and white striped sweater and white blouse is a trend you can’t get enough of. 

A red and gold dress with white detailing is also an easy outfit for spring, even if it’s not your first time seeing it. 

Tucked in the back of the red and blue dress, you’ll find a pair of pink-dyed blouses with a white neckline and a black bow. 

The perfect outfit for a warm spring evening. 

This bright red blouse with a pink-striped blouse and a floral-print skirt is an instant hit. 

Just look at that dress! 

This is the perfect way to go out for brunch! 

If you’re feeling extra festive this fall, a red dress paired with a burgundy striped skirt and black heels is sure to get you excited. 

What’s on your shopping list? 

For the ultimate spring party, a pink skirt with a blue lace bodice and black and white sequins is perfect. 

If that doesn’t appeal to you, a black lace dress with red sequins, a purple blouse, a white and blue bow, and a red belt is your go-to outfit for this year’s season. 

Want to get dressed up for your favorite event?

Here are some of the best dresses for your fancy. 

Dresses in the style are definitely a must-have at NYFW this year. 

Have you seen this outfit? 

If so, let us know in the comments! 

Photo credit: Alexandra Burett