How to wear rainbow clothing in 2019

For the next few years, everyone is going to be wearing a rainbow-colored dress.

But not everyone is doing it in the best way.

(Published Monday, June 13, 2019)”It’s not necessarily an intentional statement, but I feel like it’s part of the conversation that we have to have,” said Stephanie Ebeling, owner of a popular clothing store in New York City.

“I think we’ve been making a lot of progress as a society and we’re going to continue to do so.”

Ebeling says she hopes her store’s rainbow dress trend is just a part of a larger conversation about the color of dress, and how it relates to a more inclusive society.

“We’re in this moment in history where we have a really progressive, liberal, feminist society where we are able to express ourselves in the most positive ways, whether it be through the rainbow, or through a rainbow sweater, or whatever it may be,” Ebelings told NBC 4 New York.

Ebelings says the idea behind her rainbow dress came from the moment she saw a black man wearing the dress.

She says she was inspired to make a dress for the LGBT community after seeing people in the community celebrating Pride.

“I’ve been able to show people that the world is open to them,” she said.

“When you see people celebrating their LGBT rights and their right to live in peace, you know that’s not a thing that’s exclusive to them, it’s a right that everyone has.”

Ebellings is hoping to continue making the dress for customers in 2019.

“It will be a trend that will go on for a long time,” she explained.