How to save on the cost of your clothes

Your clothes are expensive, so how do you keep them cheap?

It’s easier than you think, thanks to some advice from some of the UK’s best-known clothes designers.1.

Find the right price source BBC News: “It’s cheaper to have your clothes on sale.

You can buy at a low price, for example, and then save money by getting rid of them.”2.

Save for a rainy day source BBC Money: “Buy clothes for the right reasons, including if you want to be able to save money on the big clothes or when you have a rainy-day emergency.

You might want to consider buying cheaper clothes for people who might have a similar lifestyle to you.”3.

Shop the internet for the best deals source BBC Trending: “The internet is where you find bargains, with many retailers offering great deals on items.”4.

Buy cheap at local shops source The Guardian: “Avoid stores where you can’t see the clothes in the store and shop online.”5.

Shop online to find dealsSource BBC Trendy: “Shop online to save as much as possible, saving money in the long run.”6.

Find cheaper clothing in the UK article “Look for cheap clothes at shops and department stores in the cities where you live,” says Tracey McManus, founder of the site Shopping Tips.

“For example, you could buy a cheap shirt from a supermarket and a cheap pair of jeans at a shop in a smaller town.”7.

Save on your clothes at the checkout source BBC Tips: “Save money by ordering online, avoiding supermarkets and other big retailers.”8.

Save money with a discount on clothessource BBC Trend: “A savings tip from the UK Retail Consortium: try a cheaper price on clothes and get the most value from your purchase.”9.

Buy at home when buying clothessource The Independent: “Make a list of the clothes you will wear in the future and shop them at home.”

“It’s easier to save in the short term, because there is usually a savings-to-cost ratio.

However, this can increase if you are buying more items over the course of a year, or if you shop online,” McManuses says.”

You can also use a discount code to save even more, saving on clothes that you already own.”10.

Buy cheaper clothing online source BBC Business: “If you want a cheaper clothing option, try to buy online rather than through a store.

The internet is a good way to save, with the best price, but you should also look out for the difference in shipping cost, shipping fees and other costs.”11.

Find out the best prices online source The Independent – “Use this guide to find the cheapest prices on the internet.”12.

Find a reputable retailer source BBC Life: “We suggest going to a reputable brand to see what you might find.”

“Try to buy from a retailer that has been rated as the best on”

A reputable brand can offer you a great deal for your money.”13.

Buy a cheap item at the supermarket source The Telegraph: “There are loads of great deals for items that you might buy at the local supermarket, so shopping online is a great option if you’re shopping for basics or basics-only items.”14.

Check out discounts online source Independent: It’s important to check to make sure the items you buy are not going to be on sale and you will get the best value.”15.

Shop at the best stores for clothingSource BBC News : “If there is an online store that is selling good stuff, go there to try it out.

You’ll get the lowest prices and a good selection.”16.

Buy clothes online at discount shops and other discount retailers source The National: “You might want a low-price item and a better value than what you normally pay for a similar item at a similar shop.”

“This is why you should go shopping for a cheaper item online rather then buying it from a store,” McDevitt says.

“It will save you money on other items you might need in the longer term.”17.

Shop for clothes online and save a few pennies on the way to your door source BBC Parenting: You can save a couple of pennies by shopping online.

“If it’s a budget item, buy it at a local shop,” McGee says.


Find bargains at discount retailers and online source BuzzFeed: “Find bargains online and try them out.

If you don’t want to spend money on anything you don.b, you can save some money.””

You’ll find some great deals at discount stores and online.

You may be able for a smaller price but this will be more expensive,” McDonough says.19.

Get a discount online for the holidays source BBC Fashion: “Bargains are usually available on the weekend so get your shopping done early.

You don’t need to worry about buying a