How to Make Your Son Do the Korean Dress (Again)

The best way to introduce your kid to Korean clothes is to wear them, says Kim Jin-ho, founder of the Koryo School of Fashion.

“You can teach your son to wear Japanese clothes, and I think you can teach him to wear Korean clothes.”

So you can wear clothes to school, but if your kid wants to wear a Korean outfit, you can make it work with a little creativity.

The Korean dress, in particular, has a unique silhouette that has a little bit of an accent.

“I think this is a great idea because it is so versatile, it can be worn by any age group,” Kim says.

In fact, if you can get your kids to like a particular pattern, it’s worth the effort.

“If you’re not wearing a Korean pattern, your kid can learn how to wear whatever you want.”

A Korean dress pattern isn’t just about the fabric.

“Korean dress patterns are very different from Japanese or American patterns,” says Kim.

“They have a different color, they have a lot of detail, they are much more detailed.”

If you’re looking for a simple but beautiful Japanese-style dress, you’re going to need to try some Korean patterns, too.

To learn more about Korean dress patterns, visit the Korean Patterns page on the National Review site.

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