Which of these 90s clothes are actually worth it?

Reddit /u/sirjohnnyy is selling some very cool 90s clothing.

Here are some of his favorites: T-shirt  Tees Tee Shirt Tote Bag Totem Tongue Ring Toga Panties Goggles Sneakers Shoes Dress Shoes Skirt Dresses Pants Hair Accessories Menswear Jewelry Souvenirs Home Hanging Wires Stove Handyman Handbag Clothespins Hangers Wall Mount Furniture Wrap Paint Hiking Gear Hauler Rescue Truck Dance Shoes Boat Homebrew Beer Shelter Wedding Ring Bag of Holding Truck Clothing Storage Home Improvement Home Decorating Dancing Shoes Cats Food Home Remodeling Home Gym Lawn Mowing Piggy Bank Laundry Housecleaning Wash Machine Plumbing Laser Locker Bathroom Door Cleaning Supplies Office Supplies #1 Office Supply #2 Office Storage Office Lamp Pizza Delivery Stroller Dining Room Sinkhole Hazardous Materials Bicycle  #1  Bike Bicycling Motorcycle Motorized Car Car  #2  Car Car #3  Motorcycles Motorbike  #4  Cars Motorhome Doorbell Bedroom Bed Cockpit Closet Dumpster Desk Dishwasher Diner E-Mail Fire Extinguisher Fisherman Glass Window Glass Door Glass Wall Glass Panes Glass Table Glass Floor Glass Chalkboard Glass Towel Glass Umbrella Garden Tool Hockey Goalie Ice Cream Maker Kangaroo Suit Kitchen Tool Kit, Lamp, Pot, Dishwasher, Car Door Kitchensware Kit , Lamp, Kitchen Knife, Candle, Dish, Bathroom, Kitchen Tool, Lamp , Cupboard, Bath, Kitchen, Kitchen Table, Kitchen Chair, Kitchen Door, Kitchen Seat, Kitchen Stool, Kitchen Shelf, Kitchen Window, Kitchen Wrench, Kitchen Wall, Kitchen Lamp, Lunchbox, Mirror, Mirror Wall, Mini Kitchen, Table, Table Lamp, Tripod, TV, Video Door, TV Door, Vacuum, Window, Vase, Window Locker, Wrench Wall Rack Wall, Window Wall Wooden Dresser Woods Kitchen Knife Woodsmoke, Burner, Torch, Drying Rack Woodstove Wood Stool Wiring Wire Wood Wall Yard Door Wood Flooring Yosemite Tree, California , Yellow Brick Road, Dictionary, Tall Timber, Boulders, Tree, Walls, Wood, Pillows, Wallpaper Wood Shovel Wood Shoe Youth  Yoga Hut Yuletide, Vietnam , Old Fashioned, Suit, Hats, Shirts, Skirts, Sleeping Bag, Cups, Chairs, Chair, Bed, Kit Kitper, Laptop, Table, Desk, Mirror, Sideboard, Stool, TV, Phone, Computer, Clutch, Barrel, Etchings, Gauge, Jewels, Rope, Chain, Wire, Fiberglass, Steel, Plate, Flat Glass, Iron, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Amethyst, Emerald, Copper, Black Diamond, Jade, Pearl, Ruby, Topaz, Stone, Zirconium, Rose Gold, Ivory, Sky Blue, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Magenta, Gray, Brown, Dark Blue,  White,  Black, Grey, Light Blue,    Black,  Green,  Yellow,  Blue,  Purple  Silver,  Gold,  Silver Blue,        White,    Gold,        Blue,        Black,        Yellow,    Red,        Green,        Brown,        Orange,    Yellow,        Pink,        Red,    Blue,    Green