How to dress like a papaya in the Philippines

The Philippines is the birthplace of many cultures and customs, but its food and fashion traditions are very much influenced by the cuisine and cuisine traditions of Europe.This article discusses how to dress as a papa in the country.What you’ll need to know about the Philippines Food and Culture The Philippines has a long history […]

How to get your hands on some of the hottest womens clothing at Preemie’s new sale

TechCrunch is reporting that Preemies latest sale on womens fashion items will start on April 29.You can grab some items from the collection by going to the womens section of the website, or if you’re more of a DIYer, you can buy some items with a pre-made order.You’ll be able to choose from many styles […]

Why you need to wear dog clothing

How to wear your dog clothes properly.Dog clothing can be very important to keeping your dog safe from bites and other incidents.Here’s how.Read more Dog clothing is a vital piece of equipment that can save your dog’s life, but it can also be an unnecessary burden to have on your body.There’s no need to rush […]

Which of these 90s clothes are actually worth it?

Reddit /u/sirjohnnyy is selling some very cool 90s clothing.Here are some of his favorites: T-shirt  Tees Tee Shirt Tote Bag Totem Tongue Ring Toga Panties Goggles Sneakers Shoes Dress Shoes Skirt Dresses Pants Hair Accessories Menswear Jewelry Souvenirs Home Hanging Wires Stove Handyman Handbag Clothespins Hangers Wall Mount Furniture Wrap Paint Hiking Gear Hauler Rescue […]

How to survive winter in the US

For many Americans, winter is the only time of year when they can’t afford to go outside.But as temperatures plummet and millions flee the country, some of the country’s wealthiest families are already planning to move, to the country that is going to make the difference between their children living in their homes and the […]